Your needs are the core of all our activities


Our experts for flow and process engineering, calculation and simulation as well as mechanical engineering and project management always have the entire system, with all its interfaces, firmly in their sights! They coordinate their work hand-in-hand and use state-of-the-art tools such as CAD and 3D printing. 

This significantly reduces the time needed for the development and implementation of projects, and our customers can get to market and be productive more quickly.


Facts, credibility and value determine our actions. We are proud of our long-term business relationships. Even though we like to push back the limits of what is technically feasible for our customers, we never compromise on safety. 

We are always a competent, serious and dependable partner for all our stakeholders. That is what we stand for! 


The focus is on you – as a partner and as a person


Growth at all costs is not our focus. We want to continue to develop our company in a healthy way and operate on a sound basis. We invest in a successful future with a sense of proportion and foresight. 

For our customers, we want to be a highly competent partner they can rely on in the long term. We support your future viability with our solutions.


A central aspect in the development of our solutions is the minimisation of energy consumption. Our products are durable, can be repaired, functionally expanded, updated to the latest state of the art at any time, and can thus continue to be used for many years in a resource-conserving manner. 

We also offer our know-how to operators of third-party systems so that they can benefit from this, too. 
We are also sending a clear signal with the construction of our low-energy company building. We cover our own energy consumption and that of our electric vehicles with a photovoltaic system.


Trusting and appreciative cooperation is very important to us. Our employees have a great deal of freedom, can contribute creatively and help shape the company. We want to offer them long-term, high-quality jobs in a modern and inviting working environment.

The interactions with our customers, suppliers and partners are characterised by fairness, trust and close cooperation.