Energy efficiency for more climate protection

Thermal separation processes are very energy-intensive. For many years, the energy contained in the vapour in conventional plants remained completely unused and was often even discharged directly into the environment, thus placing a heavy burden on the ecological balance. 

The use of a vapour compressor enables the pressure in the plant and in the vapour to be increased mechanically or thermally to such an extent that the energy content in the gas mixture is further enriched and increased. This additional energy can be fed back directly into the plant and the production process, for example as heat energy, or converted into electrical energy that can be used in other ways. 


Vapour compressors thus have a direct impact on reducing energy costs and a clear added value for the environment. 

We produce high-quality vapour compressors that are extremely durable and require little maintenance. A vapour compressor specially tailored to your plant and needs by our engineers operates both cost-effectively and sustainably.

Make your plant efficient and climate-friendly! 
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